Hello guys! hope you are doing well. By now most of us would have started to work from home and would have got into a daily routine.

This change of work space from office to home may be different or difficult at first. It becomes easier with habit.

Here are some tips to do just that.

1. Have a regular work space

Having a desk to work gives you more focus to work. You could use the sofa for some temporary work, but if your work is going to be something you do daily, then having a desk space is a good thing.

Sitting straight will give you a good posture, and will allow you to work better. So make sure you have a decent chair with armrest and backrest if possible.

If you need to concentrate in your work, then use a room with less noise. If you have to work in a room with a lot of noise, then use headphones and put on some light music.

2. Make to do lists

Even though we might be working from home, once you start making a to-do list, you realize there are lot of things that needs to get done. You can even put things in the list you may have been delaying for some time. There are a lot of tools and apps for these days making to-do lists. Google Tasks or Google Keep are really great for this.

3. Get some exercise daily

Gym may not be an option for some time. Physical health is important. Having good exercise at home, will keep you active, fresh, and happier. Exercise helps improve sleep too. It will also keep your thinking, learning, and judgment skills sharp.

Hence, it will increase your productivity. Select a time that is comfortable for you, and try to get back to exercising if you skip a day or two.

4. Take breaks

Stick to a work schedule for yourself that becomes a habit, and at take breaks in between. Taking breaks will help you to refresh yourself.

5. Time to relax

Having finished your days work, take the time to relax. Laugh a little. Watch a movie or talk to friends or family on the phone or video call. Use the day time to work and the night time to Watch Netflix, play computer or mobile games, or peruse a hobby.

6. Learn something new

Now would be a great chance to learn something of interest. With so many websites offering courses online, its now easier to study new things. Some great websites are skillshare, and udemy.

Let me what are you doing to work more productively or if you know any interesting tools and apps for productivity.

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