The good old question. Which laptop should you buy?

It all depends on the usage and what are you going to use the laptop for.

We can think of the need as 4 basic things.

1. Creative / Vlogging
you are a Designer / Editor and use Adobe Software (or other creation and editing software)
2. Gaming
you are a hardcore gamer
3. Office Work
you need send emails, make presentations and video chat etc.
4. Blogging or Casual use
you love blogging, browse the internet, watch YouTube, check emails

For the first two needs, Creative or Gaming, we can go for laptops that have higher memory and processing power. Most windows based operating system machines which are gaming laptops are best suited for this because it usually has a dedicated graphics card.

Laptop Brands – Dell Alienware, Razor, msi, Asus, MacBook Pro

For office work, blogging and casual use we can opt for windows based operating system laptops or a normal MacBook.

Laptop Brands – Dell, Lenovo, HP, Acer & Asus



Toshiba has stopped making laptops last year. They made amazing laptops for 35 years and were also “the world’s first mass-market laptop computer”.

Click here to know about the 2 best laptops for gaming or creative work having large screen sizes.

Which laptop do you use? which laptops do you like and are planning to use? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading and happy blogging to fellow bloggers!

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