With every new update in phones, software, or gaming devices, newer and exciting features are included. We want to play faster games, we want our phones to be more intuitive, and want more portability in devices to perform our daily personal and office tasks. Without newer versions and updates we would be stuck with old technology and no scope of improvement. So lets look at what’s new in updates, technology and one of the smallest gaming device.

iOS 14 – new Options available 

  • Apple’s Voice Assistant, Siri gets redesigned with new animations and better features. When iOS 14 is released, Siri will appear in an all-new glowing avatar and would mostly be accessible more easily such as the home screen.
  • Home screen widgets can be changed or adjusted right from the home screen.
  • The translate app within Siri, will now be available offline and can be viewed in landscape mode too.

Playstation 5 Features

  • The PS5 and the joysticks will be in white colour. The joysticks will have a thin neon blue lighting.
  • The PS5 height is more than any of the previous play station consoles.
  • Most of the games designed for PS5 would be more realistic.

A tablet and Laptop in one: Surface Go 2

  • A product made by Microsoft is a Laptop that can separate the screen to make it a tablet.
  • The screen can be detached or attached back quickly.
  • A lightweight business laptop which has a larger and brighter 10.5” screen.

5G-enabled phone: HUAWEI nova 7 SE

  • Firstly its 5G enabled.
  • Its available in few colour options to suit your fashion style.
  • Has a fast processor and has a large 4000mAh battery, not needing to recharge quickly.

The smallest gaming PC: The GPD WIN Max

  • It looks like a laptop, but has joystick controls too.
  • Works on Windows 10 and has a lot of USB ports. Also has a Thunderbolt port.
  • More useful for gaming and not an actual replacement for a laptop.


iOS 14 comes with a huge list of newer improvements, features and options to make your Apple device more user friendly (click here to read all about iOS 14). PS5 designed games will be more realistic and will be available to purchase later this year. Although you can play a lot of games on the GPD WIN Max, the specs are not powerful enough to play all types of games.

So even though the Surface Go 2 and the GPD WIN Max are really the newer types of laptops, they are not really meant for graphic intensive tasks like gaming or Photoshop. The Surface Go 2, is more suitable for office work and other tasks that require portability.

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