What is a secure website?

When you visit any website, the address bar in the browser will mention on the left if the site is “secure” or “not secure”.  If the website you are visiting is secure then you can clearly see that a lock icon will also be displayed which says the website is secure. It will also change the website name from HTTP to HTTPS.

Example – https://www.gagandutta.com/blog

SSL image - freelance web designer - gagandutta.com

What Is SSL and why is it important?
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a standard technology behind establishing an encrypted connection between a web server (host) and a web browser (client). It basically is a connection between the two that makes sure that all the data passed between them remains private.

How to tell if a site is using SSL?
Notice the address bar in your web browser. If it has a lock icon it means it is secured. The URL of the website will also be starting as https.

How to get an SSL for your website?
You will need to contact your hosting provider for this. Usually there is a fee for this.


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