The Duplicate Block is a new feature in WordPress editor, which was not available prior to the Gutenberg editor. The Duplicate Block  is one of the best features in the WordPress Gutenberg editor.

Lets say you created a specific block, which has an image to the left, text to the right, and a quote below. If you save this as a “Duplicate Block” you can then go ahead, open another post / page, click the more options button and add the same “re-usable” block on another page. How cool is that?


reusable WordPress block image
Add to Reusable Blocks

This helps designers to really save time if you have to create similar design layouts and content to duplicate. If you make any change in any block the changes will reflect in all other blocks. So how to not make the same changes everywhere? To make specific changes for that page or post, you can also convert a re-usable block to a regular block to make unique changes.

To know more about the new WordPress editor click here. You can actually try out the new editor for free here –

What other features or tools do you use to create or edit content quickly? Do share in the comments below.


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