In most cases, managing your website is a full-time job for Designers and Developers. Unless you have hired another company and are paying them to manage and maintain your website, this is full-time work.

In the corporate world things are a bit different.

Most corporate companies juggle the website work between the marketing department (content) and IT department (technical stuff). So usually the marketing does not understand the technicalities like website maintenance, what plugins mean, server settings etc.

However, some companies cannot afford to keep an IT department. In such situations they hire a third party company to manage the technical workings of the website.

In reality some companies ask an employee to do manage website work whose real job role is actually something else. Generally they do this to save cost in most cases and is not a good practice.

Mostly experts should handle the websites as technology is changing rapidly. Its always best to hire senior level Designers and Developers who have more years of experience to really benefit the company.

Also because such experienced Designers and Developers are also skilled in restoring the website to normal when things do not go accordingly. This also does not mean that employees should be replaced.

So what can companies do to ensure that they have skilled Designers and Developers?

Basically, provide training on company expense. The returns will always be more. Regular training through online classes or sessions will be really beneficial. There are a lot of websites that provide quality training for a nominal fee.

Some free and paid resources to learn online: (free) (free) (paid)

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It is best to leave website works to trained employees in a company, who actually have a background in the same field. If they do not have the necessary knowledge then the company should provide training.

Cost cutting may only help temporarily and may have some consequences. So its always best to hire and have experienced people or to train those who are not.

What is your opinion? If you are working in a company do they have skilled designers or developers? Are they trained or receiving any sort of training? How does your company handle website maintenance related tasks? Please do comment or share.

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