WordPress plugins usually need to be configured to be compatible with other plugins. Sometimes when its not setup properly it can even affect your website. Here we will see how we can compress images with the Optimole Plugin and use the Jetpack Plugin together for it to work properly.

To avoid any possible conflicts with Optimole, you can go to Jetpack settings -> Performance and turn off the site accelerator option for images.

Deselect: Speed up image load times under Performance & Speed

Optimole already provides a lazy loading mechanism by it’s own which might conflict with this. If you would like to further use Optimole lazy loading feature, you can turn that off from Jetpack settings -> Performance page.

Deselect: Enable Lazy Loading for images

Thats it! Just need to deselect the above two options to make the two plugins work properly.

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What plugins do you use in your WordPress website to optimize images or to optimize WordPress? Let me know in the comments below.

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