Many times we need to share a link with someone. It could be a website link, a YouTube link or any link, but sometimes the link is really long, and is difficult to remember. There are many websites that can shorten a link. First lets see how a shortened link looks like.

A long normal link –

The same link after its shortened –

We may also want to know more details about the type of visitors, who are visiting our link. For such purposes we can also shorten any URL. We can do this by visiting a website, pasting the link we need to shorten, and clicking enter. Its that simple. Some of the best websites to shorten URL’s are listed below.

Websites that make shorter URL’s

Websites that make shorter URL’s which are useful to business

How to shorten the URL

All you need to do is copy the link you want to shorten, and paste it in the box which says  something like –

Shorten your link 
Enter the link here
Paste a Long URL
Enter a long URL to make tiny

Then click the button to the right or press enter.

Benefits of a shorter URL

  • takes up less space
  • looks cleaner to display
  • easy to remember
  • can also track useful data and analytics
  • data can be collected in an excel sheet
  • promotes sharing


Having shorter URL’s makes it easy to share the link with people. The need for having a shorter URL differs from person to company. It can help us understand data about the visitors and can be easily displayed. Although some websites require a regularly fee for more premium services, it really helps businesses who need the extra data. From the list of websites that shorten links, I found makes the shortest links.

Which websites do you use to shorten links?

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