A few days ago I was working on a WordPress website and noticed one of the images had around 4000 spam comments. Obviously the next step was to delete it, so I started deleting, deleting and deleting the comments. It was taking time. I thought I could delete “All” the comments together but that was not possible.

For those who are familiar with the bulk delete option by selecting “Move to Trash”, its only going to delete comments for that page. You still need to go to the next 10 comments page and delete the comments for that page, and so on. Now I could sit and keep doing this if I am free, but what if there is a plugin that could allow me to really delete all those comments at once, and save time.

So I searched for a plugin that would delete all the comments at once.

I found one plugin called delete-all-comments mentioned on wpbeginner.com. Apparently this plugin has been closed and is no longer available for download. The last update for this plugin was four years ago. I have commented on that page to inform others.

Well, I searched again and found another plugin called
Bulk Delete Comments – By Shah Alom

This plugin really works and its free. I was able to delete nearly 4000 spam comments all at once.

If you want to be selective in deleting comments, it has a few options too. If you want to delete all comments, then its the first button you need to click.

Plugin image

I saved a lot of time thanks to this plugin.

Here is the link if you want to download it –

There are other methods of deleting WordPress comments. You can also do this using phpMyAdmin in cPanel. However this method is not user friendly, and there are risks of deleting other data,
if not selected properly.

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What methods do you use to delete WordPress Comments? Do you use another plugin? Have you used a plugin like this before? Do share your comments.

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