Changing the language in WordPress is simple with the steps listed below. The below steps will help you to change the language options in WordPress for yourself. After that I have listed a few other steps if you wish to change the language options for another WordPress user.

How to change the language in WordPress panel in 5 steps

1. Login to your WordPress panel

2. Go to Settings

3. Click on General

4. Scroll down to Site Language

5. Select your language and click save at the bottom


How to Change Language in WordPress

So this was easy. Now what if I told you could change the language for a specific user of your WordPress website. So each user can have a different language. Yes this is possible.

Here is what you need to do to change the language for a specific user.

How to change the language for another WordPress user

1. Follow the 5 steps I listed above. Then switch back to English (or whatever was the language before).

2. Log out of WordPress and login now as the user whose language you want to change.

3. Go to Users

4. click on Profile

5. From the language drop down select your preferred language.

The language option in WordPress has around 180 languages. This is really useful if you are more comfortable with your native language or another. Once this change is made the language changes and the content on the front-end is marked as being written in the chosen language.

So changing the language option in WordPress is easy. Have you tried changing the language option before? Which language options did you select?


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