These days a lot of us have started wearing Smart Watches, which have a lot of features that ordinary watches cannot compete with.

Apple Watches, Samsung Galaxy watches, Huawei smart watches, and Fossil smart watches are among the top performing brands among a list of competing smart watches being sold in the market. Specialized health and fitness watches such as the Fitbit can now do more that just assist in exercises. The newer Fitbit watches also allows you to control your smart home devices and make secure purchases.

Then we have these “other” types of watches that are rare or a little too high tech for some to wear. Some might even say insane.

Below are the listed watches which are extremely different and unique.

1. The Ultimate Binary Watch

A series of LED lights that need to be understood to know the time. Click here to view.

2. The Hublot watch (LaFerrari superwatch)

A Ferrari edition watch by Hublot, which is more expensive than the Ferrari car itself. Its also the most complex. There are a total of 637 individual components inside this clock.

To charge or wind the watch, there is a small pocket device, wich is an accompaniment. The MP-05 LaFerrari watch is a tribute to the Ferrari supercar. The watch can stay powered for around 50 days. Click here to view. Click here to view on YouTube.

3. Astronomia Watch from Jacob & Co

The Astronomia is a range of watches from Jacob & Co. The watch design is inspired by space. It is a representation of our solar system within a watch. One of the watches also has a rotating globe. Even their advertising video is epic. Click here to view on YouTube.

4. Alaska Project watch from Omega

This watch has a huge rim made of a different metal, that allows the watch to handle very extreme temperatures. Temperatures ranging from -148°C to +260°C. This watch was especially designed for astronauts. Click here to view.

5. HYT H1 Titanium

How many watches have you seen that uses liquid to tell the time? This one does and it does look great. The HYT Watch company uses liquid in nearly all their watches. Click here to view the h0 collection range of watches.



These time pieces are highly complex in design. All working with numerous and complex components in sync to tell the time, and do a little more. The quote “Only time will tell”, is an understatement.

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