If you are thinking of purchasing a new website name (domain name) or are planning to change or buy another domain name, then here are some great links to help you decide.


This is among the best tools to look for domain names. It provides instant domain name search results without even hitting enter. This website also gives us a list of similar options, like .com, .net, .io, .tech, .company and many more.


What’s great about nameboy.com is it shows us a list of available and already used domain names. Names which are available to purchase will have the word “buy” next to it, and names which are not available also provides us with the “whois” information about the owner of that domain. It shows the relevant names clearly.


If you want to view “all” options of finding a domain name or a huge list of similar domain names, then namemesh.com really provides a massive list. Go ahead and give it a try.



With such resources to find domain names we do not need to assume if a website name is available by typing in to the address bar of a browser. We can simply visit the links above and make a decision from there. Saves time too.

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