With so many social media platforms, it can be a little difficult sometimes to remember all the image and video sizes. Here we look at a site which shows us the image and video sizes to upload on social media. I have mentioned a link that compresses images through an app made by google for free. Making it easier for you to attach images quickly in emails or to upload smaller size images for your website. We also find an easier way to create HTML tables from excel sheets by the copy and paste method.


Need to resize an image to a smaller size? Squoosh, an app created by Google allows you to compress images for free.


Gives you the sizes of various social media content, image and video. Simply click on any of the social media icons below to know the size. Whats great is that it also downloads the file for you in the same size / format.


Make HTML tables quickly. Copy and paste the excel sheet cells in the given box and click “Tableize It!”. Thats how easy it is.


What app or software do you use to resize images?

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