This time we have a look at an easy way to make quick notes and to-do stuff, learn more about the parts and shapes of alphabets in terms of design, and how to get free pattern backgrounds.
This website is so helpful for making random notes, drawing stuff like in Windows Paint software, or simply writing / typing a list of things you need to do. In case you do not have a pen and paper, simply open and type stuff. As simple as that. Its great for making to-do lists.
Letters have various parts. This website describes the different parts and shapes of a letter in a visual way. Interesting to know. Especially if you are into the graphics and design work.
Looking for patterns which are subtle, or not too loud? This website has a lot of subtle patterns which you can download and use in your website, artwork, project or wherever needed. Their designs are really subtle. The size of the downloaded image is not too large (only 400 x 400 px) so not advisable for print. Simply click the “preview” button and the entire website background changes immediately.


What apps or software do you use for taking notes or making to-do lists?

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