This week we see how to make your own logos easily, count the number of words in any document or file, and find a way to make beautiful customized QR Codes for free.
Create great logos for your brand or company very quickly. Nice tool for creating logos or dummy logos for any design project. This is great, however logos created by graphic designers are way more professional. This link will help if you need a quick logo to be made and if you are trying to save cost.
Ever had the need to count the number of words in any document or text editor? This online counter of words is great for essays, PDFs and just about any kind of document. Just copy and paste the text in the box (scroll down to see the box) on the page and it will tell the number of words used.

Need to make a QR Code that points to a website / link. This website is amazing in creating QR Codes. You get to customize the colour, size and shape of the QR Code. After this you can use the QR Code however you want to.


Do you make and use QR Codes? How do you create your QR codes?

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