This week we see resources to change our ringtones, explore and select colours for our creative work, and an easy way to convert video files to another format. Here is the weekly round up of Cool Websites This Week #2.

Cool Websites This Week #2
Cool ringtones and mobile wallpapers. If you have the same standard ringtone and are thinking about changing it, you have a ton of options available here, which are easy to download and use. Mostly all free.
Adobe Color CC. Previously known as Adobe Kuler. This is a colour palette generator from Adobe itself, which allows you to explore or create your own color palettes easily. It also gives you an enormous amount of options to select colours for your creative purposes. The good thing is it also saves your colour scheme to the Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe CC) so you can login, and access the same colours at any time.
Free online video converter. Convert any video file to any other video format quickly and easily for free.


Which creative or interesting websites have you visited recently?

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