1. Random Decision Maker

Sometimes we are just not able to decide. It could be something confusing or a choice. Whatever the decision, we sometimes need a second opinion, a suggestion or a quick answer. The Random Decision Maker helps to give a quick answer to whatever question you may have in mind. You can type funny questions too.

Link – https://www.textfixer.com/tools/random-decision-maker.php

2. Relaxing Sounds

Need to concentrate while working? Want to meditate or feel relaxed? Having too much noise around you can be disturbing. This website allows you to create sounds with different volume settings, as per your choice. It has sounds like rain, birds chirping, wind and a few others. I prefer rain with another sound. Worth checking out. These sounds can also be used while meditating or just to feel relaxed.

Link – http://www.relaxingsounds.info/

3. Password Generator

So many websites which require to register. It gets complicated to think of passwords all the time which should also be strong. This cool looking website generates a password for you at the click of a button. Go give it a try.

Link – https://www.passweird.com/

4. Free Image and Photo Resizer

Okay so we all take pictures and need to share some with friends, family or others. But the file size of the pictures are just too large to send or upload. Well this website is like a tool to resize those large images to smaller sizes. Best part is its free!

Link – https://promo.com/tools/image-resizer/

5. Internet Speed Checker

internet speed tool website image

Hey! what happened to my internet connection? Whats taking so long to visit this page or upload this file? Yup internet connections are not always consistent. This link lets you know your website speed quickly, hence the website name “fast”.

Link – https://fast.com/


What website links do you know that helps in daily use? Let me know your favourite links too.


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