If we use WordPress and want our website or website pages to load fast then we need to compress those big images. Larger images are one of the reasons why loading time may be longer. The solution is to use Image Optimization Plugins.

When we upload pictures taken by our phones, and upload it to our websites then it takes longer for the page to load. Why? Because the images taken by our phones are larger in size and resolution. So if you upload image(s) to your website lets see how we can make it load faster by compressing it easily through image optimization plugins.

Best Image Optimization Plugins

If you use WordPress and want to speed up the website or page load time then we can compress these images with some good plugins which are really good at shrinking the file size or resolution.

Which are the best plugins for Image Compression in WordPress?

The best image optimization plugins which offer more compression for free are Imagify, ShortPixel, Optimole, and TinyPNG.

Which Plugins have the highest compression?

ShortPixel and Optimole. Because I personally like these two plugins more than others, I have given more details about these plugins below.

ShortPixel if the image is jpg format (approximately 65 percent maximum compression or more)
Optimole if the image is png format (approximately 85 percent maximum compression or more)



Gives us Lossy, Glossy and Lossless compression. It can resize large images and has more features and Tabs in the dashboard of ShortPixel.

Some great features of ShortPixel also includes, PDF optimization, WebP image support and Cloudflare integration if you are using a CDN.

Has the widest range of pricing plans for compressing 100 images to 100 million images per month. ShortPixel also offers 1 time image compression. Starting from 20$ for compressing 30,000 images.

Pricing –

Monthly and Yearly plans.
Starting from 4$ per month for 7000 image compressions.

Click here to know more about ShortPixel.



Gives us Lossy and Lossless compression. Optimale compresses the images and hosts it on a cloud server. So the images load fast. Hence you have visits to the image and their pricing plan is
according to the visits. To use this plugin you need to add an API key in the plugin which is easily available and easy to add.

The Free plan allows 5,000 visitors per month and unlimited bandwidth, making it a good fit for personal WordPress blogs. They also have other paid plans if your website has more visitors.

Pricing –
Starting from $20.04 per month (billed yearly).
25,000 Visits Monthly.

Click here to know more about Optimole.


What about the WP Smush Plugin?

I have used this plugin a lot and its great! In the free version you can smush (compress) around 50 images at a time. This means you need to click the smush button a couple of times if you have hundreds of images.

If you can take the pro version then you can compress all the images at once. Whats also nice, this plugin provides compression information for each image too. So it gives a lot of details.

If you want to add custom fonts to your WordPress website quickly, click here.


There are many image compression plugins which work great. The major preference depends on the number of images you need to optimize, which may also require a subscription. The best plugins which offer more compression for free are Imagify, ShortPixel, Optimole, and TinyPNG.

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