What makes the Apple Watch unique is the amount of apps, tools and features available that makes life easier. It can help you answer calls when you are too busy to pick up the phone. It can inform you about sleep patterns and heart rate to stay healthy. It can help you relax through apps. It can also wake you up with alarms. Below are 15 really cool things you can do with an apple watch.

Change the watch face

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Really! yes you can change the watch face easily to suit your personality, feelings or colour preference. Might make you think you have purchased a new watch. Although there are many watches that allow to change the watch face, Apple watches provide great animated watch faces. You can set a watch face from a photo that you took on your iPhone. Among the many watch faces is also the “breathe” watch face, which gives the watch a pleasant minimalist view of the time by showing only the hour and minute hands.

Mute a phone call

You can see a ringing icon appear whenever you receive a call. After that you can decide to either accept or decline the call. You can also mute a call at the touch of a button. A very old cartoon called “The Dick Tracy Show”, had the main character talk directly to his watch. This was released in the 1960’s. This was not a reality then but is now.

Stream Music

You do need to add the music streaming app shortcut to the watch. The good thing is it also plays Radio. One of the ways to listen to music is through Apple Music. You can subscribe to it and listen to all the songs available there. You will need to be connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data. The other option is to physically store the music on the watch.

Unlock your Mac

If you work on a Mac then having an Apple Watch allows you to unlock your Mac. You do need to set this up first on your MAC. It has an option unlock with MAC which needs to be selected first in settings. There is a great app called “Near Lock” which allows you to lock or unlock your Mac, from your Apple Watch or iPhone depending on how near or far you are from your Mac. Every time you walk away your Mac gets locked, and every time you are near it unlocks.

Take a picture

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You can take pictures too. It is the iPhone actually that takes the pictures . The watch has a click button basically. Very useful if you need to take a portrait or group photo or something else, where you do not want to be seen holding your phone. You can start the timer on your Apple Watch if you need to be ready for the photo. Its also possible to take screenshots by pressing the side button and the Digital Crown at the same time. Screenshots get saved to your iPhone.

Send text messages

The watch has a tiny keyboard screen which looks cute. You can type and send text messages using just your Apple Watch. You can read and reply to WhatsApp messages and other messages easily. There are a few ways to send the text messages. You can use default messages such as “Can I call you later?”. If sending personalized messages is something you like then you can customize the default messages to something of your choice.

Receive messages (quietly)

The Apple Watch makes a sound every time you receive a message. The sound can get a little annoying if there are too many messages being received. This can be turned off with the “Deliver Quietly” option from the Notification Center. Another thing that can be done is to disable the apps you do not wish to receive notifications for. Good options if you need to avoid sounds in certain quiet places such as libraries or meetings.

Breathe Better

Using the Apple Watch Breathe app, you receive instructions to focus on your breathing for a few minutes. This helps you to relax. The watch will notify you if you are breathing too slow or too fast so you can focus on your breathing. It has an option to set reminders for you to breathe deeply.  It works by displaying a graphic on the watch. As the graphic expands you need to inhale. As the graphic reduces in size you need to exhale.

Change the bands (straps)

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Lots of options to change the bands. One of the many advantages of having an Apple Watch is the amount of options available for changing the bands. There are bands available in different colours, materials and comfort levels. From leather straps to metal and rubber straps. This also makes it easy to match our clothes with the Apple Watch.

Heart rate check

Understanding your heart rate can help you improve you exercise and fitness levels. On starting the Heart Rate app on your Apple Watch, you are presented with three options to view your heart rate. One is Current, the second is Resting Rate and the third is Walking Average.

Play Games

Yes this is possible to. These games are not very graphic intensive but fun to play if you are bored or waiting somewhere and have extra time. The games will need to be downloaded to your iPhone first. Some games require payment. Type of games include word games, quizzes, puzzles, brain teasers, fiction, entertainment and a lot more. It also has the famous Pong game if you are into Retro games.

Pay for stuff

Just like you can tap your phone to those purchasing machines (POS) to buy stuff, you can do the same using Apple Pay. You first need to  add details to the Apple Pay app on your iPhone. Whats amazing is that you do not need your iPhone near you to make purchases. The Apple Watch is sufficient.

Use a Compass

If you love trekking, travelling or just need to know the directions the Apple Watch has a compass feature which also informs you about the elevation level. So if you are climbing a mountain for example, you could know the height you are at. The Compass app on Apple Watch Series 5 does not need WiFi or iPhone to work.

Talk with Siri

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In earlier watches you had to say “Hey Siri” to call up Siri. Now you just need to raise your wrist and its active. You can enable and disable this feature in settings. This feature is available in Apple Watch Series 3 or later. Once you ask a question Siri can answer by text or by voice. You do need an internet connection to converse with Siri. There are three main options on how Siri responds:

  • Always On
  • Control With Silent Mode
  • Headphones Only

Go swimming

A feature called Water Lock, allows you to remove any extra water that may may enter through the speakers. You can enable the Water Lock in advance by pressing the drop shaped icon visible when you swipe up the screen on your Apple Watch. In case water has entered your Apple Watch then you just need to turn the Digital Crown, and keep turning it until says it is unlocked. This will help to remove any extra water.

Locate your iPhone

If you have misplaced your iPhone then you can simply use your  Apple Watch to locate it. Simply swipe up to access the Control Center and press the ping iPhone button. Your phone will then ring & vibrate to help you locate it. Such features really make the Apple Watch unique.

Use Maps

Apple Watch has Apple Maps which is free. If you are using it while walking you can get vibration alerts to notify you when you need to change directions. You can search a location with your voice directly or ask Siri to search the location for you. You can save transportation costs by not using tolls or highways. The Apple Watch has an avoid option in Apple Maps which allows you to avoid tolls or highways by changing the settings in Driving.

Sleep Better

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Another advantage of the Apple Watch is to monitor your sleep. These apps can understand your sleep patterns, sleep duration etc., and offer suggestions and tips on how you can improve your sleep. A lot of the apps have extra features and functions that suit your needs. It will measure the hours in which you go to deep sleep, any interruptions during your sleep, and the time it takes for you to fall asleep. Better sleep would result in better weight management as we would not eat excess sugary foods, be healthier, be active, be more positive, and would be able to maintain a better lifestyle. Below I have listed three great apps that help in improving your sleep.

AutoSleep Tracker is one of the best apps in which automatically tracks your sleep patters and details. Basically you do not need to inform the watch you are going to sleep. It knows automatically.

Sleep++ is an app focused only on tracking your sleep. It has 2 modes automatic and manual. In automatic mode you need to wear the watch. Whereas in manual mode you need to set you sleep and wakeup time.

Sleep Watch informs you about the sleep that you are losing. I personally like the visual display of the app. The fact that it has a Sleep Report makes it very easy to read and understand your sleep in a summarized manner.


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The series 5 has seen an improvement with an “Always On” display. This was not present in earlier versions. There are a lot more features available on the Apple Watch which are amazing and very useful. You can check your email, share your location, receive notifications, and even answer calls. As newer versions will be made we can expect more features to be added.

What features do you love about the Apple Watch? Do you know of any other interesting features or apps?

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